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Sex Toys! Resources for Buying Online

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

It’s Sexual Health Tuesday! We're at the end of a monumental Pride month, although Staunton Pride will be extending our celebration throughout July! Happy Pride, y’all. Let’s continue to uplift and support our community today and every day beyond the month of June.

This week, we’re highlighting sex-positive shops that are queer-owned, inclusive and affirming of the bodies and experiences of all LGBTQ+ individuals. These shops not only sell products that enhance our sexual lives, but they also work to educate and empower our communities, particularly our BIPOC LGBTQ+ individuals. Many provide educational resources, host workshops, donate to organizations, and advocate for sex work legalization.

Although these shops are not local to Staunton, they all have extensive online stores (a few have Pride promotions currently!). If you have any questions or curiosities, check out the wealth of educational resources provided by each site. Each shop is unique, so shop around to find one that suits you. Happy (virtual) shopping!


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