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Sex Ed and Trans Justice: Queer Sex Ed

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Welcome back to Sexual Health Tuesdays! Today, we’re highlighting Queer Sex Ed, a queer- and sex-positive podcast exploring topics in sexual health by normalizing authentic conversations around sex, pleasure, boundaries, health and communication. A quick look through the archive will yield a diverse array of topics, including sex toys (and making them work for all bodies), kink and BDSM, safe words and ethical communication.

Given the removal of nondiscrimination protections for our #transgender family in regards to health care, we thought we’d highlight one episode in particular – Trans Justice and Sex Ed. Sara and Jay discuss why it is not enough to just tack on trans-inclusive content to our existing framework of sex ed, but that we must go beyond to rebuild one based on a justice framework.

The podcast is long and a great listen in its entirety, but here are our quick timestamped bookmarks:

41:55: What is wrong with our current sex ed curriculum? *spoiler alert: EVERYTHING*

1:05:05: What does sex ed centered in trans justice look like?

What if we dismantled the way in which we teach sex ed? What if it wasn’t just a health class taken in high school, but instead a lifelong process? What if we framed the reality of all bodies and sexual experiences as good and healthy and eliminated the language of otherness that is so harmful to our community? These effects can create healthier personal frameworks and perspectives, but also have the potential of driving vast societal change. This could revolutionize how we shape our healthcare system (and how we access medical care}, how we train our medical professionals, and define our governmental policies to better serve our communities. Trans rights are human rights.

Check out Queer Sex Ed below:

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