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Black Sky

#takeupspace Project

This project is aimed at documenting our local LGBTQIA+ community, in the very many ways we take up space -- for ourselves and our expansive identities, our families and

our communities. Our hope is to broaden our visibility and representation

beyond the mainstream, and to share it with our community with pride.

We exist beyond the binaries, the boxes and the labels.

Show us how you take up | create | share space.

Our community shows time and time again -- that the mere act of existing can be revolutionary. Help us document our real community by contributing to our #takeupspace project.

Snap a photo (or send an old one!), or write a few words about how you interpret the theme.

Be creative! It doesn't just have to be a selfie -- it can be how your use your voice, your art, or how you create safe spaces (both physically and virtually).

We take up and allow space for our true selves in ways both small and large. ⠀

Want a chance to contribute anonymously? 

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