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It's Raffle Time! All proceeds will support Staunton Pride and the Shenandoah LGBTQ Center. Check out the lot descriptions below, choose your lots, and purchase your tickets!


Get 10 tickets for the price of 5 when you use the promo code STAUNTON on your order! To make sure your discounts work, please buy your Tier 1 and Tier 2 raffle tickets in two different transactions.




11- Sweet Baby Cheezus Grazing Board & Harmony Harvest Flower Farm 3 Month Flower Subscription

12- Staunton Augusta Art Center Package (Year pass and four prints)

13- Year Pass to Petersons Car Wash/Lets Shining Detailing $70 GC

14- Julia Vessey Jewlery Ensemble

15- 2 Night Stay at the Hideaway AirBNB/Sweet Baby Cheezus Grazing Board

16- Klines quart a month for a YEAR/Bethany Popelish Gift Basket

17- Riverview Cottage 2 night stay

18- Klines quart a month for a YEAR/Bougie Hippie Self Care Box

19- Blue Egg Pottery Ceramics/Queen City Music GC

20- Tall Girl Pottery Ceramic Pieces/Green Room $25 Gift Card

Tier 2 Tickets

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