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The History of 'Transgender' - Feat. Angelica Ross and them.

We all know the T in LGBTQ+ stands for transgender - and if you didn’t know that, congratulations! Now you do!

In modern LGBTQ+ communities and beyond, the word transgender often acts as an umbrella term encompassing a wide variety of identities and experiences. But has it always been that way? What about the terms that came before?

The words we use to identify ourselves and others - no matter how we identify - are products of the specific historical contexts that produce them. Learning the history of our words - who made them, who used them, who didn’t, and why - can help us appreciate more about ourselves and our communities, as well as help us create better, more equitable words in the future.

Check out this video from them. where Angelica Ross explains the history of the word “transgender" - what it means, what it encompasses, and the words that made it possible.

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